Only Mine

Only Mine

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ash & dani By creativelosers Updated Jul 26, 2013

"Eleanor. I like that name. I think I'll call you Ellie, my beautiful little mate." He spoke with ease as he practically groped me with his grey eyes anyone could lose their whole sanity in.

"It's Eleanor to you and would you mind not undressing me with your fucking eyes in front of everyone I know? Please and thank you." I spit out with as much rage as I could possibly muster under his piercing gaze as I attempted to walk away from the scene.

He easily catches me with his 6'5 figure and pins me between the wall and his body. "Listen here darling, I have a few rules you need to obey or I am not afraid to take matters into my own hands and punish you. 1. You are mine and only mine. 2. I will not have you disrespecting me in front of my pack or behind my back. 3. Absolutely no swear words will come out of that pretty little mouth of yours as long as I have a say in what you do. Lastly, you are mine Eleanor." He growled.

the_vertigo the_vertigo Aug 25
The reason why I don't let my mom dress me. She thinks its "mature and formal" but I just feel like some barbie doll that went through some weird ass malfunction.
nyahgirl101 nyahgirl101 Aug 18
Me saying that would result in me being.  🔫🔫🔪🔪😱😱😲😲😓😓💀💀💀
If I told my Ma to shut up I would die 😳 but if I said everything else she would of laughed 😭😂
If I spoke to my mom in that language she would smack be with the chancla.   I like Eleanor.