Creepypasta Girlfriend Scenarios              {Slow Updates}

Creepypasta Girlfriend Scenarios {Slow Updates}

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Meme Central By NekoGirlChan Updated Nov 03

This includes Sally Williams (Teenage Form), Jane the Killer, Nina the Killer, Clockwork & Suicide Sadie.

I take requests for scenarios, but some times I may not accept them.

I can never find girlfriend or boyfriend scenarios for guys... I think that sucks
@TannerPlayter Don't say that! Go ahead and give it a try, If you put enough effort into it, it'll turn out good. My writing isn't good either, yet I still write.
@NekoGirlChan oh I know, every one ive read has sucked, I'm thinking of trying myself, but I suck at writing
That is the most truest sentence I have seen because I love rice