Not Wanted.

Not Wanted.

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Elizabeth Clark By ElizabethClark9 Updated Aug 19, 2016

(Sequel to: 'From Rejected to Rogue')

Kyle 'Alcatraz' Brown is the son of a great Alpha; He got anything he wanted, when he wanted and nobody questioned it. He was well known around town and school because he was destined to be the future Alpha of Midmoon pack; people feared him. He was the badass of the school and the one the females wanted; he knew he has a mate out there somewhere but he didn't care and quite frankly, he didn't want one.

Sydney Mayer was shunned by her family, she was constantly ignored and emotionally abused, and taught that love doesn't exist. Fortunately, she always believed love was out there; Then, she runs away and comes across a town. Let's just say, her life changes in more ways than she could ever imagine.

In this story opposites do attract, but not in the way you think. Sydney can't wait for her prince charming, but Kyle will never storm the castle in search of his princess since he has a nice throne of his own.

Unfortunately for them, fate is the dragon and it can be a real pain in the ass.

  • alpha
  • mate
  • rejected
  • rogue
  • romance
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The_Natural_Disaster The_Natural_Disaster Sep 13, 2015
I wish I didn't feel pain
                              That would make stubbing my toe a lot nicer
The_Natural_Disaster The_Natural_Disaster Sep 13, 2015
My best friend loves country on the other hand, I prefer hip hop and auto tune
The_Natural_Disaster The_Natural_Disaster Sep 13, 2015
Eh, three broken windows, four mysterious bruises, and seven dead bodies
                              No biggie
The_Natural_Disaster The_Natural_Disaster Sep 13, 2015
I'm already about to cry. Thanks author. Now I have to go find some tissues
Laylagirl10 Laylagirl10 May 03, 2015
@ElizabethClark9 wait do u mean you actually forgot it? Or... Coz if u actually forgot it I know what it is
Paola5445 Paola5445 Nov 29, 2014
When do Darius,Jamie,Jack(ass),and L come in? (jackass reference to the first book! ^~^)