Mr.Beast vs Ms.Fake (Full Book On FicFun Now)

Mr.Beast vs Ms.Fake (Full Book On FicFun Now)

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Neha By TunesOfHeart Completed

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Winner of #RBLS season 2(Romantic Rhapsodies) 
Winner of Wordzmith Awards( Mystery/Thriller)
Highest Ranking #2 in Chicklit.
Highest Ranking #20 in Romance.

What is the definition of a beast for you? A blood-sucking monster or a predator who might just rob you of your life without giving any warning.

What is a fake person for you? Someone carrying a pretence to conceit their real agendas. 

Meet the Beast, Shaurya Singhal, the successful entrepreneur of India ruling over the Singhal Corporate Towers inclusive of various resorts, pharmaceutical units, and education centres. Driven by only one aim in life to make money, the thirty-two-year-old business tycoon is hated by the male population for his devilish schemes in the business world. Contrary, the females are a puppet to his gorgeous dark eyes that pull them towards him in a way in which they wouldn't mind being burnt by him purposely. 

Now meet the Fake, the ever so gorgeous and elegant Saniya Gupta. The twenty-two-year-old beauty who values relationships more than life itself aspires to make it big in the business world. Challenging her own cruel destiny, she decides to walk on the rough path that starts to unravel the buried secrets.

The secrets related to the beast that can turn her world upside down, because the wise men said- Behind every ruthless man, there is a reason hidden that makes them the way they are.

Join me in this journey of hate, passion, and mystery of two lonely souls who hide behind their callous facades but will their larger than life egos ever allow them to discover the most beautiful emotion of the world?

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goudakamini goudakamini Mar 14, 2017
Intro is just fab..   it made me curious to read further😍.....lets
ReallyOjal ReallyOjal Jun 09, 2016
                              I loved how the read left me intrigued. The descriptions are spot on and so are the scenes depicted in the chapter. It's such a great start for a book! The plot seems very interesting and I'd love to read more about Mr. Singhal. ^_^
TurquoiseSakura TurquoiseSakura Jun 10, 2016
                              Congratulations!  I'm saying this for almost every BOTW so far, but I can see why you won, your story is amazing so far!  I like the introduction, it's unique.  I've never read another intro like it.  I also like the concept.  Good job!
starhavens starhavens Jun 15, 2016
 #RBLS definite ego, and oh oh they can't resist each other, love oh love. 👌👌💖
-kyavhill -kyavhill Jun 09, 2016
                              I really loved how you introduced the characters and really dug Ito their personalities and backgrounds! It really creates kinda of a suspense of how the story is going to go. It's so intriguing man omg. Nice job
starhavens starhavens Jun 15, 2016
 #RBLS yup, it totally does I like it you are turning simple things into something extraordinary. Great thinking. 🙃