Tongue-Tied | Phan

Tongue-Tied | Phan

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Dan Howell is the shy, mute kid in his last year of school; diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and anything else on society's list that would label him as a stereotypical "freak."

Drawn more to poetry than social interaction, Dan gets good grades and has a good reputation. Well, except for the fact that he's constantly bullied. Whether it's because he practically leaks homosexuality, or because he somehow stands out in the sea of students at his school, both of which are highly illogical, Dan is constantly teased and pushed around.

That is, until he meets Phil Lester.

Once they run into each other, Phil, the sex-on-legs, badass punk of the school constantly saves Dan from his bullies more than once. But, being associated with such a bad boy isn't good news. Especially when Dan finds himself developing feelings for the boy who's known for cigarettes, drugs, and one-night stands.

But what Dan doesn't know, is that there's more to Phil than what meets the eye, and he only knows the beginning of it.


Trigger Warning: strong language, mentions of self-harm, death, depression, anxiety, bullying, domestic abuse, gay slurs, mutism, sexual content, and attempted suicide.

I can't get to close to people or attached because they always leave me no matter what
leia_loves_phan leia_loves_phan Dec 15, 2016
Okay now im finally putting a correct voice to the face... a lot of things make a lot more sense now 😂😂😂
leia_loves_phan leia_loves_phan Dec 15, 2016
I never really understood this very well, i just thought that meant someone chose to stop talking for no reason, but because im rewatching the fosters i found out a little bit more about it and now it somewhat makes more sense
leia_loves_phan leia_loves_phan Dec 15, 2016
Im the same only bc i never want to get in trouble bc in the past ive fought back and gotten in trouble so
mako-chan mako-chan Dec 27, 2016
I'm not a mute or anything but i find it extremely hard to convey my feelings to others by talking i find it much easier to by writing poetry or stories