The Relationship Sham

The Relationship Sham

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Nicole By fromimgland Updated Oct 09, 2017

Kent Jackson and Emily Crawford were practically friends back then in Pre-school. They were playmates, lunch buddies, and every thing that friends do.

But all of a sudden in high school, Kent changed and became freaking popular!

I mean he's a jackpot: talented lips, smoking looks, and a sexy bod.

And because of that, he's a womanizing bastard and an arrogant son of a bitch.

Which made Emily hate his guts.

Since then they became strangers.

But when there's a party on Friday and Emily's best friend Cindy pushed her to come, Emily and Kent cross paths in a wrong timing. Kent's first love-slash-ex-girlfriend Haley is back in town for good and unfortunately invited to the party. Kent's feelings came rushing back to him and finds a way to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and thinks that he's moved on. So He asked Emily to be his girlfriend. 

Everyday of fake intimate touching and forced kissing in public because of their relationship sham will definitely make Emily's life a living hell for three months...

But little by little, they weren't faking anymore. 

And they realize that their feelings have never felt so real.


Happy reading! :PP

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kfufbdhrrr kfufbdhrrr Apr 15
why is the cover of 2 people making out if 2 people hate each other
XxGloomyDoomxX XxGloomyDoomxX Jun 08, 2017
More advice that u don't have to listen to but might be good:
                              Try to make the word at the start of sentences different in each paragraph. So use words like also, although, next, etc. That way u don't keep repeating the same words which makes it sound better.
dancedid100 dancedid100 Apr 03
Should I feel bad for laughing about "the bullies who took her lunch."
kfufbdhrrr kfufbdhrrr Apr 15
Omg that was very interesting I can't believe  now I'm super hooked
kfufbdhrrr kfufbdhrrr Apr 15
I would have beat them up if they took my lunch  and I don't care if I got in trouble they took my lunch
honeysapphires honeysapphires Mar 18, 2016
I'm really looking forward to seeing the continuation of the novel. Please, with a cherry on it.