Percy Jackson At Hogwarts (Percy Jackson And Harry Potter Crossover)

Percy Jackson At Hogwarts (Percy Jackson And Harry Potter Crossover)

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Exept the plot

The giant war is over, but it had great loss. The seven, but Percy, had died. His love, his live, his breath was taken away when Annabeth died. Thalia and Nico are the only ones who understand him. New Secrets, gifts and powers are opened. A new world. The big three, Nico, Thalia and Percy, are going to a new world, to forget theirs and save them.

The battle is over, Harry is overjoyed. All his friends are still living except Fred, Tonks, Remus and Sirius. Even good old Dumbledore is dead. But they are memories, good memories. The golden trio, Hermoine, Ron and Harry, return with Ginny to Hogwarts. They are going to repeat their last year. This year is full of surprises, three new students, will go too. What is their secret?
They are quiet, have secrets.
Their life's can't be wors then Harry's right?

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madebymara_ madebymara_ Oct 22
Omgg I absolutely love this! Would you mind checking out my Camp Half Blood fanfic? Thanks! :)❤️
heydemons heydemons Jul 26, 2016
OMG I remember that one fanfics where Annabeth dies and she's like 'see you in Elysium's and then the fates make Percy immortal and it was so sad
diangelopride diangelopride Jun 26, 2016
I agree why didn't percy get at least a partial happy ending? Why?!?!😢
Goldsplash Goldsplash Jan 17
Psh, great loss? No offense, but percy, nico, and thalia just lost everyone and everything important to them
yourlandlord yourlandlord Sep 01, 2016
You should space out the paragraphs so we can individually comment on them. Common mistake
A moment of silence for honor of Frank and Hazel, dieing from a spear, Jason and Piper, two love birds shot out of the sky, Leo and Calypso, both hanging onto that last hope as it slips from their grasp, and last but not least, Annabeth, died in the arms of her forever love.