Stella's choice

Stella's choice

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Samantha Lam By LoveBooksObviously Updated Aug 19

"Stella's choice" is previously titled as
"The Witch I Am"  and "Cursed"

One troublemaker and a million deaths.
Welcome, to the world where the lives of magicians are threatened... 

Stella, an Eighteen year old Witch who lived alone in the woods, passing each day in fear of being caught by the hunters. She was a black witch, but a witch who couldn't have complete control over her magic.  One accident has exposed her identity, and she fought for her life to escape from the claws of the hunters. 

Rescued by a cold, handsome black witch, Devin, Stella ventured into a magical realm she didn't know exists. The more Stella ventured, the more she discovered about the secrets behind her parents sudden death. Could she get over the pain she felt with truths exposed. Or will she follow the footsteps of her ancestor?

Remember, it's all about the choices we've made that changes the future, and there's no turning back.
Join Stella with her magical journey, where she encountered OTHER world, full of wonder and wizardry

First published:
21 February 2016    9:18pm 

    The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.
-Karl Marx, Eleven Theses on Feuerbach

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#174 10/10/2016
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Anyone know how I came up with this plot?
I dreamt it;)

Ps. Not a HORRER fiction!!!! 

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LeoRStories LeoRStories Mar 23
I love the imagery and plot! Can't wait to read the next 25 chapters, I'M SO EXCITED!!! Definitely a vote from me :)
evoquant evoquant Aug 19, 2016
Very interesting prologue, it definitely captures the attention of the reader. 
                              There were a few sentences I didn't understand and a couple of typos. Good use of words. 
                              And your description, wow. I can relate with what your mc feels and I felt transported, like I was there with her.
Wow.. the song really goes well with the prolouge!! :D it's brilliant!
Staysweet18 Staysweet18 Aug 31, 2016
                              I love when the prolouge leaves me hanging it makes me want to read more. So far it's really great and I can't wait to see what happens next.
EllaRoland EllaRoland Feb 20
First, Give space between 'Prologue' and the starting paragraph.
                              Second, blood tastes warm, thick and somewhat like rusted iron, NOT sweet.
ElimaWatters ElimaWatters Aug 19, 2016
Swap anyone and away around. 
                              ...about scathing anyone away.