Tyler and the Valaholics: The Beginning

Tyler and the Valaholics: The Beginning

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Bludger Beater By Melanomaniac_17 Updated Feb 17, 2018

Valerie Tyler. 

Upon hearing her name, many would instantly think of glamour and stardom, not hardships and sorrow. However, Valerie has had, in the opinion of many, far more than her share of hardships and sorrow in her ascent to the acclaimed prestigious title of globally renown and award-winning singer-songwriter and actor. 

Documenting her rise to a global superstar, Valerie recounts her life story in an interview.

(Contains some humor and romance, along with traces of sap)

Book One of the Tyler series.

Cover by the fantabulous @tazell 

Peak ranking so far- #149 in Teen Fiction.

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MayaR-31 MayaR-31 Sep 18, 2017
I am intrigued as to who she is & why she is nervous. She seems very intelligent- if I hadn't read the blurb I would think she was a famous scientist not a star. 
                              This is certainly a cut above most of the other teen fiction I have read, though admittedly I'm not an expert.
wallflower_tris wallflower_tris May 20, 2017
                              Your style of writing is beautiful.
                              I liked your use of vocab and frame of each sentence.
                              Your dialogues were well crafted.
                              I wonder what story Valerie has to tell.
it_is_reality it_is_reality Apr 08, 2017
                              This was a very short chapter, but then I get it is supposed to be short. I liked the use of humour and how this is an interview of her telling the story which is from the next chapter.
                              Good thinking
relistichwofbow relistichwofbow Apr 14, 2017
                              Short one this...
                              Perhaps a little description of the person etc would help. The area in which the interview is taking place
Shadowhunters77 Shadowhunters77 Jul 20, 2017
I live the style of writing, it gives the perfect amount of showing without staight out telling, and the vocabulary is great
MayaR-31 MayaR-31 Sep 18, 2017
This is quite a mouthful - I found myself tripping up - you might want to consider simplifying