Goku X Reader X Vegeta

Goku X Reader X Vegeta

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Lemme get straight to the point.... 

In this story you choose with who you wanna end up with. It's simply a choice driven story. Your choices will lead you to your own end of story! 

Now, about the storyline... 

Your Saiyan pod landed on a weird planet... It wasn't the one you were familiar with. You could hardly move. The pain was unbearable... Good thing you were still alive. Your tail, your weak spot, was broken... That's why your energy was fading away quickly... You could feel the blood coming out of your body... "So that's it? That's the way it ends?? Too bad..." you said and closed your eyes giving up on life... Suddenly your scouter made some noise, finding a life force... The last thing you could hear was someone running towards you, but you felt too weak and just ignored it, knowing that this was your end... 
You passed out...

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The_Amazing_Tadpole The_Amazing_Tadpole Feb 22, 2017
So apparently the Frieza race is actually called "Arcosions"... "Arkotions"? No "Arcosions" something like that. And apparently that's actually cannon! I'm just saying this, not trying to be a smart ass. But uh, yeah. Use that instead of "Frieza race". "Arcosions" sounds more official lol