Please don't..   »Vkook»

Please don't.. »Vkook»

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taetaeAliEEn By taetaeAliEEn Updated Aug 18

Jungkook is an orphan and lost both of his parents. 

He doesn't have any friends and no one wants to adopt him for reasons. 

Till the day a man came by and adopted him. 

Will his life get better now? 

Or will things go downhill? 

Is he really that nice? 


{    Be careful who you trust 

  choose as friend.   }

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Jovylol Jovylol Aug 20
It's foster.  Just saying.  If you think I'm rude then tell me I'm gonna slap myself for that either way heheh *slaps*
And another murderer will be right next to your bed at night
                              *finds their address
Jovylol Jovylol Aug 20
Me too
                              I was the only person who jumped in fright in my tuition class when my teacher banged the table. Kay it was really loud like damn but I don't see anyone jumping in fright like me😅
Wait until you make eye contact. He's a literal living and walking piece of art.
I just accidentally tapped something and apparently it flew me to the beginning of the story >:0
stripyboi stripyboi May 04
in an orphanage, friends are in 99% of all cases the most important thing you have and to not make a single one there is actually really weird considering you hang out with them really often