The Hiccstrid Collection ♡

The Hiccstrid Collection ♡

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Queen Skyler By XxPinkSkyxX2 Updated 5 days ago

"A collection filled with all the Hiccstrid madness."

-Short Stories
-Song-Based Stories
-Suggested one-shots

Updates will not be every Mondays and Fridays. I update if I want to.


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Hmmmm I don't quit appreciate that use of meirda but I guess I can deal
Arent they night fury ears? Same sith the tail? Does he have scales
katniss1490 katniss1490 Jul 26, 2016
OMG. Sometimes I get very overprotective of my ships going back to previous episodes in Race to the Edge.
KittyCatGamer98 KittyCatGamer98 12 hours ago
                              I'm finding it here, too!
                              Did NightRyder use his special ability? Did LadyNadder use her special ability?
Wait...i just realized...where's the "continued" part of "to be continued" ? XD