Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding Vows - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy)

Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding Vows - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy)

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Whatsuphello1 By Whatsuphello1 Updated Sep 30

After more than a year together , Harry and Louis are finally engaged and about to get married .

The two love each other more than anything , and nothing is going to separate them this time . They've got their friends and families , and mainly they've got each other - making it all perfect .


This is the journey of the two towards their wedding and honey moon , in hopes nothing will mess up .


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I completely understand and as good and a great smut scene is a story can be just as good or better with no
LARRY FLUFF IS THE CUTEST EVER guys I am so excited to read this yay!
I understand hun...i'm uncomfertable too...tho i haven't finished or posted any stories...i have a draft saved in my phone and i decided since before i started that i won't write one should do something they are uncomfertable with...
i never want you to do anything you're not comfortable with , like i understand
What is asexual? I thought there was just straight bi and gay.... -sounds like idiot-
adorxblehazza adorxblehazza May 04, 2016
WOW I made a lot of mistakes sorry I was writing fast and wasn't focusing:)