Errant Souls    •Gratsu• (Older Version)

Errant Souls •Gratsu• (Older Version)

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awkward kid By Neko_Senpai_Omae Completed

(Previously titled as "Psychotic Love")

Natsu is a Journalist. 

For all his entire years as a travelling journalist, he had braved through haunted schools, creepy houses, and scary mansions, and he had lived to tell the tale.

One day, when all of a sudden, his friends, knowing that he's a journalist, had somehow convinced him to go and write about one of the world's craziest Asylum. Of course, as any journalist would do, he went...

But wasn't sure if he could outlast this one.

Gray, one of the most psychotic and dangerous murderers lived there. He had taken more than a thousand innocent lives away, for fun, and hearing the blood splatterings accompanied by the pained screams satisfies his bloodlust as he kept on ripping innocent lives out of this world. 

He doesn't like it when someone set foot on his lair, and especially Journalists. But, when Natsu entered, when Gray first set his eyes on him, Gray's instinct was to trap him, mark him his. 

In other words, Natsu Is stalked by a psychotic Murderer.

Will Natsu ever manage to free himself of his grip and ecaspe?

©Neko_Senpai_Omae 2015

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arikirikarin arikirikarin Jul 22, 2017
When I read this part it suddenly poped to me so Hey I have a question (so do not take this offensively) is there a black journalists or are they all white
                              just saying
arikirikarin arikirikarin Jul 22, 2017
Then why in magnolias name did you send this child in the damn first place hah
randomfangirl9 randomfangirl9 Aug 02, 2017
He's a devil slayer yet he couldn't kill the demons in him 
tegamibacchi tegamibacchi Dec 26, 2017
                              WHERE THE PARTY AT
                              sorry, wrong Fandom just had to get that out of my system
CielPhantomhiveBacon CielPhantomhiveBacon May 16, 2017
Yes, I fully agree with Gray they should deserve the fate for what they do.
tegamibacchi tegamibacchi Dec 26, 2017
Oh how fantastic indeed
                              I was at universal yesterday and got hit with a wheelchair 3 times
                              And now have bruises and scrapes on both of my legs
                              How fantastic indeed