Psychotic Love

Psychotic Love

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Cat Leader By Neko_Senpai_Omae Completed

Natsu is a Journalist. 

For all his entire Years as a travelling journalist, he had braved through haunted schools, Creepy houses, and scary mansions, and he had lived to tell the tale.

One day, when all of a sudden, his friends, knowing that he's a journalist, had somehow convinced him to go and write about one of the world's craziest Asylum. Of course, as any journalist would do, he went...

But wasn't sure if he could outlast this one.

Gray, one of the most psychotic and dangerous Murderers lived there. He had taken more than a thousand innocent lives away, for fun, and hearing the blood splatterings and the pained screams pleasures him and he kept on. Killing...

He doesn't like it when someone set foot on his lair, and especially Journalists. But, when Natsu entered, when Gray first set his eyes on him, Gray's instinct was to trap him, mark him his. 

In other words, Natsu Is stalked by a psychotic Murderer.

Will Natsu ever manage to free himself of his grip and ecaspe?

©Neko_Senpai_Omae 2015

Just I mean I'll make you a nice funeral invite people I'll also go back in and kill my senpai for my other senpai
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Aug 10
Wait he knows it a journalist by SMELLING ?! Grey can I borrow your nose?
I saw PewDiePie play it. I'm pretty sure I know where this is going.
hannibalaye hannibalaye Sep 21
I'm honestly so sad cuz this sounded amazing in the summary portion but then you read it and realize it's basically for 12 year olds ;-; sigh, good idea mate, good idea.
if there are signs telling you to gtfo...
                              you gtfo
                              -ryan higa, gr8 YouTuber
If I were Natsu:
                              Lucy NOOO- I never liked but you know plot calls NOOO
                              You hide and I'll seek: bîtch hell nah other than busty blonde over there I got shît to live for so you have fun in....this and I'ma just go bye~