Assassination Classroom Various One-shots

Assassination Classroom Various One-shots

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A book of one shots for the anime Assassination Classroom. Character X Character, Character X Reader, Character and Reader(AKA nonromance) is what this book contains. 

However, sadly to those who love yaoi, yuri, lemon, smut, and the like, this book doesn't contain those kind of one shots.

》Yusei Matsue(is that right?) is the owner of the manga. Lerche animated(?) it. I own nothing here except for the plots used and the book cover, which is made by me.《

》I also don't own the pictures, GIFs, and or the videos used. They belong to the respective owners.《

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Yukiyoe Yukiyoe May 26
If you can... a Nakamura x Karma x Asano? I wish I had an idea ;_;
Hey can I request? One Karma x reader please ^^ any will do~
Do you at least support the LGBT+ community?? And don't you think hate is a bit strong,maybe dislike would be a better term....
Can I also get a request? If that is not to much to ask...... I would just be so happy if I could get a Nagisa×reader×isogai. If you don't I completely understand. :)
Hehehehe can you do takebayashi x reader?? And can you make him a roast lord?
Takaku_tobu Takaku_tobu Jul 03, 2016
Hello!! Can I request again?? It's about Nagisa x Rio x Karma!!! >///<