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Little Evil Brunette [Handsome Bastrard pt. 2] :: jb #Wattys2016

Little Evil Brunette [Handsome Bastrard pt. 2] :: jb #Wattys2016

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Shan By HotlineBleeng Completed

---Sequel to 'Handsome Bastard'---

Justin had broken Anastasia too much and she couldn't take it. She broke her promise of staying with him forever and left him when she misunderstood Justin. She just believed what she saw and never heard him once.

Justin never tried connecting to her again. He was hurt too that she just threw them away like that. He had gone back to his drinking and fucking random girls. He never even talked to Nia, ever again.
The whole time, Justin couldn't help but think about what he would've been doing with Ana right now if she had listened to him night. 

Both of them were adamant. None of them tried to give it another shot and let their egos take over them.

But that's not what Destiny had in mind. She will light their path and help teach them how to survive through this.

Because Jana is inseparable for forever and beyond; and the world knew it too.

Theme song of the story: 'This love' by Taylor Swift.

Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in
And I could go on and on, on and on, and I will
Skies grew darker, currents swept you out again
And you were just gone and gone, gone and gone

In silent screams,
In wildest dreams
I never dreamed of this

This love is good, this love is bad
This love is alive back from the dead
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

---- 'This Love' by Taylor Swift

_Prettyfull _Prettyfull a day ago
"Xan·ax. noun. Xanax is a medication that is used for conditions such as anxiety and depression. An example of Xanax is a pill that someone might take if they get panic attacks."
                              I totally just googled that 👏🏼
_Prettyfull _Prettyfull a day ago
Wth I'm already pissed at him, Its the first sentence of the sequel and he's already cheating
KylieSmith1994 KylieSmith1994 Dec 03, 2016
I still dont want them together.... I dont like her ... I mean she hurt Jay and yeaaaah still ship Justin alone
_karlarivas96 _karlarivas96 Jun 30, 2016
YASSS they both love each other they need to get back together
biebrauhls biebrauhls Jul 20, 2016
No you're at your house bc home is where the heart is which means that if Justin isn't  there it's not home.. Simple as that
secute22 secute22 Jul 29, 2016
😂😂😂This song is way to funny, u don't EVN known what I've been through 😂😂