What Why?  (Mithzan x reader)

What Why? (Mithzan x reader)

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Rachel CD By XxRachelWoodxX Updated Jul 13, 2016

this is my first mithzan x reader.

Y/n and f/n when they meet up with their weirdo friends at PAX. Y/n meets up with a old friend Adam. Y/n felt very different when she met Max. After PAX f/n go home and unpack until y/n finds a box of old tapes, she looks through them, guess what she found......

who will be there for y/n? 
do people just use her? 
who are her true friends?

find our when u read the Fanfic. 


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I'm actually supposed to graduate when I'm 17 at the same time as my brother who is 11 months older than me xD
guiltysabrina guiltysabrina Aug 07, 2016
I wanna become a Youtube and work at Starbucks irl my parents don't even care what my job is as long as I love the job
DarkWolfish13 DarkWolfish13 Nov 18, 2016
Yeah, I want to be a Naval Engineer, how am I supposed to sustain a YouTube channel forty miles offshore with absolutely no spare time?
Brine_Twins Brine_Twins Nov 29, 2016
I wanted to be a house Realator. How are you supposed to make videos and show people houses, work at the agency, and find good houses, AND set up meetings. lol
_watpad_Queen_ _watpad_Queen_ Nov 09, 2016
You got all most every thing right I grew up in Florida witch is the southern part of the U.S I hate school but got all A's but I haven't graduated yet I'm still in middle school
Lilkittxns Lilkittxns Jul 31, 2016
This is actually accurate because in my senior year I will have just turned 17