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Eavesdropper | Miraculous Ladybug Reveal

Eavesdropper | Miraculous Ladybug Reveal

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★ By mirabell3 Completed

"I-I uh. My transformation is about to release! I have to go. E-eh goodbye, Chat Noir," I waved goodbye, once again ready to find a place to transform back. 

"Wait!" He called. Then, in a lower volume, "Marinette." I'm sure a look of shock crossed my features as I heard my civilian name reach his lips. 

"How did you know?" I hissed. Chat scratched his head.

"I'll explain. Just... Let's go somewhere we can undo our transformations?" Nodding, I followed him into a nearby alley. I stood, waiting for his transformation to wear off.

A green light went over Chat Noir as I leaned closer.



When Marinette decides that it is time to tell her best friend, Alya, about her alter ego, Ladybug, she does expects Alya to show signs of surprise. 

She does not, on the other hand, expect Chat Noir to overhear their entire conversation.

Rivaicifer Rivaicifer 4 days ago
I can imagine how miraculously difficult it must be to pawnder about what villain names to choose.
                              "Should it be Crimson Velocity or Red Physics-name-for-speed?"
SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 2 days ago
Seriously?! She's the sweetest, most generous, beautiful, brave, talented, creative, and smartest person there! Stop being mean and open your eyes please!
What a smart Akuma to make! Good job, Author - chan! 👍👌👏
Don't I get s kiss for good luck?
                              Come back alive, Seaweed Brain, then we'll see. 
                              (Or smth like that)
MadisonMal MadisonMal Jun 26
Wow Adrien! That boi is SOO shallow! He only like one side of Marinette. Wow. I don't know why but I'm freaking mad!
SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 2 days ago
Okay now he needs to fall in love with both sides and I'll be happy.