His Dark Chocolate || BWWM

His Dark Chocolate || BWWM

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"Mine." He growls lowly into my ear, I looked down as tears escaped my eyes. He gently put his index finger under my chin and forced me to look into his icy blue/green eyes. "What's wrong, babygirl?" He asks with worry, I looked down before making eye contact with him. "No body loves me. I'm not beautiful enough to be with yo-" He cuts me off with a kiss. Once he broke the kiss, he licked his lips. "You're very beautiful. I love your beautiful dark skin...My dark chocolate." He says before kissing me roughly.


Seventeen years old Brooklyn Pitts,  has always been made fun of her dark skin. Her dad left her and her mom for another women. Brooklyn is a nice, kinda shy, and outgoing black girl. But that doesn't stop her pack members and herself from thinking she'll never find her mate.

That was into her eighteenth birthday came...

Eighteen years old Rider Black, is the King Alpha's son. He is very strong, protective, and respectful. He just came back from training on Brooklyn b-day.

biancalhurtt biancalhurtt Apr 28, 2016
They gone make me want to punch them for doing her like that
blaac18 blaac18 Apr 15, 2016
Love love love the story so far. (Don't mean to seem like the "grammar police" BUT I just need to say PLEASE edit a little, it's small things nothing big but yeah) 😊💖
Fuckmelaurmila Fuckmelaurmila Nov 29, 2016
I would trip over the dress or trip over air if I were to wear that dress