Bruises e.d

Bruises e.d

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B By bellamarie28 Updated Feb 28, 2016

He kissed her bruises every night

In hopes they'd go away

But they never did

And all they did was stay

*sequel to The Babysitter*

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U just met him bro omfg these white girls so dumb in movies & fan fics
TBH I would go back to his hoise and choke him back or do something worse im sorry im npt going to get choked and not get revenge
DolanTwinsbaesss DolanTwinsbaesss Dec 23, 2017
You know FUK ETHAN DOLAN (the one in the story) I GOT ME A NEW BOY WITH A MANSION! HA how you feel now Ethan mhm ok it hurts biotch. Wtf did I just comment
how could you realize she was a shopper if you just met her??
Hi I just met you two seconds ago took you shopping and now I’m gonna let you live in my house :)
Frannybeau Frannybeau Dec 25, 2017
You just met and you're gonna live in some strangers house??? Bìtch me too the fukin Nate Garner