The Color of Darkness - Sample

The Color of Darkness - Sample

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Andrew Knight By AndrewIKnight Completed

  Her name is Nova, like the muscle car, or a supernova, and she is a cosmic hurricane in Puck's world. She swears, drinks, lives among the stars, and he can't help but fall hopelessly in love with her. Is it love? Infatuation? Enamoration? He's not sure if he'll ever find out. He is sure, however, that the only thing that can understand one broken heart is another.

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  Just a friendly reminder that this work is a sample of the published novel, not the whole thing. You can find the paperback novel available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the eBook edition will be out soon! Please support my work and help cover the cost of this and future writing projects by purchasing a copy if you'd like!
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  I am well aware that there are a few minor spelling and grammar errors. This version posted is the closest possible edition I can give you, as I cannot copy/paste anything from the final professionally edited edition. If you cannot resist pointing it out, please do so and I will fix it promptly.

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plzlightenupmyworld plzlightenupmyworld Jun 07, 2017
Same as me ..i always apologize even if its not my fault becuz i cant bear regret
pjsandcoffee pjsandcoffee Jul 07, 2017
Can someone recommend me similiar stories such as this book? Where thoughts are described more than the actions? I want to be awed at the dialogues and the writing style.
                              Help me someone.
AndrewIKnight AndrewIKnight Aug 14, 2016
So, I wrote this line ages ago and obviously several people have noticed it for some reason. I'm not familiar with it in any other context, what's the deal? 😊
lovehearter lovehearter Nov 30, 2016
That shît is deep.......I lOVE IT!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
_thatone_randomgirl_ _thatone_randomgirl_ Oct 30, 2016
Im both of those in one. Call me a bitch, I smile and say thank you
na3eema03 na3eema03 Aug 14, 2016
So like u support arsenal??😂😂✌🏾️ idk if anybody here will get me but yeah 😅