i am your anchor (~~Volume 1~~) [Slow Updates]

i am your anchor (~~Volume 1~~) [Slow Updates]

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Dom_Dice By Thetrillestlesbian Updated Oct 16

Have you ever had someone you couldn't get away from?

even if you tried all those sleepless night's waiting for her to walk through the door.

The fight's you both have had in the past, argument's is what made you both so strong, well I can finally say I have found my ship that I won't let move because I am her anchor through anything.

Ok Im feeling it I like it so far keep on going😘😍I can already see this going to be good😊😊😎
😂😂😂 Lol she is feeling her something terrible it don't make no sense lol but she trying to play like she not😂 
                              Great update boo👏👏