The King's Muse

The King's Muse

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Rachel Sargeant By AModelWhosRead Completed

Having lived in the murky darkness of the castle dungeons since the fall of her kingdom, prisoner Kanara finds out how difficult remaining hidden becomes when she is suddenly thrust into the light. When the son and heir of the traitor King is mysteriously presented with her after a call for entertainment, both of them get more than they bargained for. 

When Eyre, the hawk-eyed heir of the cruel and sly King Baraco, finds out how well the hauntingly beautiful girl he is presented with can play the sacred instrument of their country, the connection is a strange and strained one between the two. If his memory serves correct, it would be wise for him to keep an eye on the girl whose eyes are as big as the secrets she holds.

With the remnants of her past life surrounding her, Kanara manages to keep (most of) her head about her while staying out of public knowledge as a Muse, a personal melody weaver for the Prince. In befriending a princess, her maid and a serving boy, she finds out more about the new traitor king and his plans for both of his children. With spies in every shadow, her presence becomes harder and harder to cover. With the help of the two children of the man she hates the most, the strength of her former self might just be able to come forward.

Rated between PG13 and R, as there are scenes of violence, sexual abuse and sexuality. 

*Chapters with a '.' at the end of them have been fully edited*

LowKey-Confused LowKey-Confused Mar 02, 2016
Does ten and ten mean twenty, nine or eight and ten mean nineteen or eighteen?
NaomiChow2003 NaomiChow2003 Apr 30, 2016
Was she supposed to play when she just got kicked and beaten and was still wearing some grey dress when she met the prince?
                              Should she have changed into something presentable first?
                              Its really good- I love the descriptions :D
Oh, the cover caught my attention, but the story has hooked me.
OperaEagleIcelyn1 OperaEagleIcelyn1 Jan 24, 2016
Interesting... I wonder what happened...
                              I'm going to assume that a harquestral is like a harp?
athena16 athena16 Jul 28, 2015
So, I'm assuming that the leading lady was the previous princess or something?
MidhunaKarpak MidhunaKarpak Jan 08, 2015
I have just read a page but I just cant put it down. It is Exquisite.