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How to Catch a Fish (ManxMan)

How to Catch a Fish (ManxMan)

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Elite of Weird By EnticingElite Completed

- There is a saying: "If you can't change it, don't worry about it." - 
  However, when you are a prisoner of war, there is not a whole lot you can do except worry. At first, you worry about your fellow soldiers. How many died? Who survived? Then you worry about yourself. What will happen to me? Am I a hostage or an example? But after some more time passes and escape no longer seems possible, you realize the past is in the past, the future is unforeseeable, and there is only one question you should be asking yourself. How will I survive the day? 
  - "You never know until you try." - 
  Escape? Tried that. Revolt? Tried that as well. Atasah is a prisoner of war. A demon as he might be, there is not much he can do when the prison sucks away all the magic. In a prison controlled by its occupants with not a guard in sight, it is adapt or die. Even with hope of rescue long gone, he continues to plan his escape. And when a new prisoner arrives, escape does not seem all that far off.
  - "Repeat after me: I am free." -
  [Book 2]

Don't know what it is with Hanruhm and his body parts, but if there isn't a curse saying 'Great Hanruhm's dick' I will be extremely disappointed
It a book full of peoples faces ranging from best looking to worst, and I think yours is the first page 😉
sweetspicekillers sweetspicekillers Feb 29, 2016
🎶we found love in a hopeless place we found looove in a hoooopless place🎶
ClariceBookman ClariceBookman Feb 27, 2016
He is so sexy.  I can not wait to find out who his mate will be and how the hell Heather is going to get him out.
kazemomo kazemomo Feb 27, 2016
Should I groan for the stupidity that Heather just showed? 
                              She stepped into the cell. That has no doors. And the prisoners aren't escaping!? Means she's could be stuck in there also? 
                              Or does it only effect magical creatures not all mythical creatures?
JesseHoe JesseHoe Jul 07, 2016
I need someone to explain to me why it took me so long to read this when it looks as good as the first one.