My 5 Overprotective Brothers

My 5 Overprotective Brothers

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Braylon Ryder is 15 years old and lives the perfect life. Beautiful, athletic, smart, good grades and lots of friends.
  Or so everyone thinks.

What people don't know is that her parents died a couple years back in a plane crash when she was 8. 

 That she is broken and scarred. That she is afraid. That she is hurt. 
   But she has to deal with her 5 way too overprotective  brothers who are always on her back. 
  They always ask about her personal life, her social life and her love life. 
   Even though they are protective, they love to embarrass her.
   But what happens when a long forgotten friend returns for more... revenge? 

   Can Braylon turn the tables and protect her friends and her brothers from this "friend" instead of them protecting her?


Read on to see how Braylon deals with this unwanted person and tries to protect what's left of her family.


My first book guys! I hope you enjoy!

I'm not trying to be rude even though I know it will sound like it, but I am just trying to help you find typos. You accidentally misspelled whole.
_thats_me_hoe_ _thats_me_hoe_ Mar 05, 2016
I wish I had brothers like that. But no. I got stuck with brothers that likr to throw pies in my face, on my b-day.
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ May 23, 2016
The shirtless one is sexy, oh im having dirty feelings...~♡♡♡
AriethXandegar AriethXandegar May 24, 2016
I have brothers that are like that who are over proctective brothers and they can be a pain in the ass but I still love them and they only do to protect me from boys are a player and my health
earnlove90 earnlove90 May 29, 2016
I want some brothers I have a little sis that I don't get along with
abearally abearally May 17, 2016
Seems good so far but I bet it's going to be stupid in a good way