Aphmau's High School Life ((COMPLETED))

Aphmau's High School Life ((COMPLETED))

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(I know many people have done this. But I have my own ideas too :P  )

*It's Aphmau's first day since moving here. With a secret job that she wants to hide, she tries to keep to herself. But after many days, friends appear, and maybe even crushes. Her secret seems harder and harder to keep everyday. But after High School life, she knows she'll be okay. So Aphmau makes friends with people like Laurence, Garroth, Dante, etc.*

'Note: Aphmau isn't with her parents. So sorry if you wanted that.'

(Please remember this is a fan fic, and that I won't support any ships, but you may in the comments lead off into a sort of fan fic of your own to support a ship, if you want too.)

Cover - http://oceanly-waves.tumblr.com/post/138649756657/aphmau-and-her-pup-celeste-3-3-how-anime-does

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Cant you delete negative comments?  I've done it when I receive some in my stories,  it makes readers agrivated and uncomfortable sometimes when they read and suddenly see negative 10 yr olds being humans
When Aphmau said "that last night was hard I wish they did not attack " it sounds like she was talking about Foxy,Freddy,chica,and Bonnie