Just a Summer Fling

Just a Summer Fling

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Jackie Gold wants to have the summer of her life. The one summer she'll remember before she starts her senior year but attending her family's annual camping trip wasn't part of the plan. She could handle a week of camping but 2 months of it with her crazy mother, Tedi and father, Jake and brother, Liam, she sure wants to drop dead by now. 

And here comes Nick Asch, Jackie's old crush, also attending the camping trip. All Jackie wants to do is pull her hair out.

Let the Summer Begin.

Third book of the series! Recommend reading Just a Kiss and Just a Bet beginning this one.

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Foxy2000 Foxy2000 Apr 11, 2017
At least she was able to confess her feelings for him. That takes a lot of courage!
HateIsTheEnemyOfLove HateIsTheEnemyOfLove Apr 28, 2016
Yes yes fvcking YES they got married and now its in Jackies Pov and can my life get any better right now i dont think so its complete
tamalepeppa tamalepeppa Nov 27, 2016
I shipped them every since Liam said Jackie was filing a divorce for her and Nick 😪
Angry_Squirrel Angry_Squirrel Jan 06, 2015
No ur not and ur not in love ur just like the thought of it. and hes the only person u have a crush on so u could just be getting Liking him mixed up
SunJewel SunJewel Aug 29, 2014
You should write a story on Max pleaseee... i want a continuation in the series
alliemarkus15 alliemarkus15 Jul 09, 2014
I love how you add months..  Like in the last book you put 5 year and 3 months.  Yes, I did literally just read it.  It's not that I am weird and remembered it.  Okay maybe i did memorize it but still.  Okay whatever.  You get the point.