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Against My Will, Bill (Reader X Bill, Lemon)

Against My Will, Bill (Reader X Bill, Lemon)

8.3K Reads 175 Votes 4 Part Story
Equinox By SongsOfTheMuse Updated Aug 04, 2016

(Y/n) was forced to live in the dream scape when her mother made the stupid choice of making a deal with demon. After about 982 years later, and a human soul of 1000 years of age, she starts getting bored, and getting bored my lead to some trouble with a certain blonde haired dream demon.

I might have some OC's, but they won't have a gender, so no getting jelly.

Also this book was inspired by a vary good author, I'll leave that one thing to her page.

Petalwolf Petalwolf Feb 19
I like how he is probs really mad at us then he is all like YEEEEE LETS GO TO PARIIIIIIS xD
The creepy thing is that is actually my bra size in the real world
timeywimeygirl timeywimeygirl Apr 04, 2016
Please continue this soon! It's so adorable and awesome!!!😁
TheOldestCipher TheOldestCipher Mar 13, 2016
My brother can be assertive when he wants something. Poor, unfortunate human girl who has to live an eternity with him.
jayjaylover jayjaylover Nov 18, 2016
CrazyFaithy CrazyFaithy Sep 11, 2016
I found this funny because recently my friend fell out of a tree and broke his leg XD