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As Twilight Falls

As Twilight Falls

29.9K Reads 1K Votes 9 Part Story
Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Completed

It's been five years...five bloody years sense Harry has been dragged into the Magical Relam. He's faced countless Horrors sense he was ten. He's witnessed and experieced more Life-Altering experiences than one boy should. 
Now he's faced with yet another...Albus Dumbledore the 'Bane' of his entire existence has lied to him yet again. You see it's Harry's 15th Birthday and with most 15th Birthday's in the Magical Realm most go through a Magical Inheritence while others also go through a Creture Inheritence as well. Harry just can't be normal now can he? 
Harry is about to have the biggest shock of his Life! 
Is everything truly happening for the 'Greater Good' or has Albus truly and royally 'F*ked Up'?

WhiteTigers201 WhiteTigers201 Mar 03, 2016
Plz update more soon. I'm really curious about what his theory is.
JKcrazy JKcrazy Dec 05, 2016
Next time plz keep descriptions to a minimum (descriptions bore me just F.Y.I.)
IAmTrashLolz IAmTrashLolz Aug 21, 2016
i am pansy. *smiles sweetly with an evil glint in my eyes* aren't i, darling? *turns to crush who is tied to the bed* *he looks with fear*
IAmTrashLolz IAmTrashLolz Aug 21, 2016
Tom has been hit with the feels! yas! *high fives Voldy for being a fangirl* oh wait. not a fangirl. he gonna kill dem a$$butts!