Fake? 【hiatus】

Fake? 【hiatus】

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chi leaf🍃 By IShallSailTheShips Updated Jan 08

"Roses are red,
    Violets are purple,
      So who's the dude,
         Who said they were blue!?"

"who's that strange girl?"

"5 bucks says it's Sakura"

hi there. 
this book is crap. 
i'll be rewriting. 

Last Updated: Jan. 8th, 2017

R_edge_ina R_edge_ina Apr 05
You go, Hinata! Luv ya! It's time for you to be the Mean Bítch in the story! 
                              Good job, Author-san! It's refreshing that Hinata can finally bad ^__^
Okay. I will imagine this as Tsukuyomi Hinata. Yeah. That Hinata.
deadsunshine66 deadsunshine66 May 28, 2016
Please continue! I love this so much! Of course this is your decision....sorry if I sound demanding.
Iris_Plays41 Iris_Plays41 Dec 24, 2016
Am I the only one happy that Hinata is like this? Yes, Okay i'll go die in a hole......
NarutoBaka NarutoBaka Jan 23
Not to be rude or anything but.. It's kinda cringey to see all these comments saying "no Hinata" or "why is Hinata the bitch?" Other than the comments I like it!
CosYato CosYato Jul 09, 2016
Uou, parece ser realmente muito boa. Sua escrita é maravilhosa <3