Miraculous Cat and Me (Chat Noir X Reader)

Miraculous Cat and Me (Chat Noir X Reader)

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_StarryNightfall_ By _StarryNightfall_ Updated Jul 11

"Mom, dad? Why are you acting so weird?"

"Well, honey. We're moving to Paris!"

You were leaving everything behind, and going to Paris, France.
Everything was changing.

New school and new friends, that's exactly how you thought It would go down. And it did!
What you didn't expect was super heroes and super villains. That's something you don't see everyday unless you live here.

The last thing you expected was a witty black cat slipping into your life.
More specifically, your love life.

Well, it is the city of love after all.

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AyaLamaachi AyaLamaachi Apr 12
You better say it this way
                                   Curiosity killed the andrien
Hello Paris. Get ready to meet an anime obsessed crazy bitch!
NeverLost9 NeverLost9 Aug 11
History teacher was on point cause my History teacher is amazing like she had a 'dance' battle with a kid shes amazing
Dal_dev1 Dal_dev1 Apr 25
Thomas astruc says ask me why the actual hell I made felix and a cat dies
Dal_dev1 Dal_dev1 Apr 25
It would be like ''Hello Paris get ready for me I am not like any other person cuz I'm da spawn of Satan
But no one notices me... I'm literally the Canada of the school...
                              Canada: R-Really?
                              Me: *laughs awkwardly* sorry