Miraculous Cat and Me (Chat Noir X Reader)

Miraculous Cat and Me (Chat Noir X Reader)

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_StarryNightfall_ By _StarryNightfall_ Updated 6 days ago

"Mom, dad? Why are you acting so weird?"

"Well, honey. We're moving to Paris!"

You really were moving to Paris. You were leaving everything behind, and going to Paris, France.
Everything was changing.

New school and new friends, that's exactly how you thought It would go down. And it did!
What you didn't expect was super heroes and super villains. That's something you don't see everyday unless you live here.

The last thing you expected was a witty black cat slipping into your life.
More specifically, your love life.

Well, it is the city of love after all.

HaylaYazidi HaylaYazidi May 11, 2016
Thats basically like saying "Hello Paris. Get ready to meet the devils daughter!" XD
neko-chan_Jessica neko-chan_Jessica Mar 18, 2016
Okay, so if you're not busy antime, PLEASE update. ((I don't mean to yell please, it just means Im stretching  out the word, and adding emotion.))
booksarememories booksarememories Aug 01, 2016
If you're in Paris that wouldn't work. The currency is euros not dollars!!
YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Apr 24, 2016
Get ready to meet the girl from the City of Dreams #IloveParisandNYC
koonaNisMyDog koonaNisMyDog Sep 16, 2016
10?! That's it? It's a 'new world'. I would say the least would be 15 if it were my parents... Am I being spoiled?
Angelheart91502 Angelheart91502 Nov 03, 2016
Almost everything until now sounds strangely like inside out....