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Sammi By wydSam Completed

Filled with sad sayings and quotes.
Warning: you'll probably feel sad.
Read at your own risk
**None of these quotes/sayings are written by me unless stated otherwise**
I'm always here if u need someone to talk to, just message me :)
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MoodSwitcher MoodSwitcher 3 days ago
Maybe its better to switch up need and want.   Need is a bit more...  sad.
                              Oh nvm. Im not a poem pro xD
lacxna lacxna Jul 15
He's my best friend yet I don't see him ever anymore and he has a girlfriend... fml
Do you know that feeling where you're just sad or depressed for no reason?
Yes. I am really scared. He's my everything and I don't know what to do when he'll leaves me. I'll just hope, he won't.
can anyone check my account please im new so please do it"VullnetBresa";)
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