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Sammi By wydSam Completed

Filled with sad sayings and quotes.
Warning: you'll probably feel sad.
Read at your own risk
**None of these quotes/sayings are written by me unless stated otherwise**
I'm always here if u need someone to talk to, just message me :)
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dear cam; 
                              @ty-guy_and_jish h(be prepared to be tagged a lot)
hey best friend i’m here for you, i know you probably don’t care but i’ll talk to you. love you t
capiliever capiliever Jan 31
Why do i have to cry every time i read things like this??????? Goshhhh ughh
mood but lost any chance of being more than friends with him
                              Can you please check out my work “Poems and Thoughts” and spread the word? I’d really appreciate it!
                              Thank you 💕
I've had this thought once, or twice about a female that itches under my skin, yet can't live without.