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Sammi By wydSam Completed

Filled with sad sayings and quotes.
Warning: you'll probably feel sad.
Read at your own risk
**None of these quotes/sayings are written by me unless stated otherwise**
I'm always here if u need someone to talk to, just message me :)
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I'm already depressed and s**t so the sad parts of the story won't affect me though xD
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- - Oct 21
What do you say when we lose that person at last? 
                              Cause I did....
ArtyJ86 ArtyJ86 Nov 20
Sometimes we need a little bit of sadness to remind ourselves that it feels like to be human.
leaharvey leaharvey Oct 17
if you find interest in relatable, sad stories try reading my story: the little book of bottled up feelings
                              But then I think this can't be there will be no chance....