Love, Hate, and Crimson's Downfall

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Seriously Silent By crimsondownfall Updated 6 months ago
Destiny Jesk has an interesting relationship with the town's people. When she commits a life threatening crime, she will be taken away from it all.  Through a great deal of confusion and pain she is lead through the dangerous world. She is wanted in her hometown now, and shortly word will spread. Will her life ever be safe again? Or will blood encase the world?
It really parked my interest, the plot is really good, too. P.S I love your cover! Voted. :)
I really do like the story-line, a lot, but there are just a few spelling errors that could be fixed. Other than that, it's very good:)
Hm, sounds very interesting! I wonder what happened... just remember that "i" when referring to yourself is always capitalized:)