Daughter of the tailed beasts

Daughter of the tailed beasts

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Chi No Bara By HaruNoBara Completed

Pain,  sorrow, Sadness and loneliness were perfect words to describe you live until you died because some one that had caused you pain before pushed you under a car and you thought the pain would be finally over. No one can say are you right or wrong. You were transported in Naruto world and there you find father figure Kakashi Hatake who sees you his own daughter. You will have many friends and foes. 
Love and hate. Love of you life and Heart brake. And it's like you haven't been trough enough you will see how your friends betray you. How the one you love the most tells you that he hates you. Lose parts of your family part by part and in the end you will have only one loyal friend who lefts you to be with her loved ones. With her family. And with you enemy. But she stayed loyal to you so long you sacrifice yourself to safe her so she could be happy with her family. The one thing you wished to be ........ you wanted to be loved.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto nor it's characters! I also have no rights to the pictures shown in this 'book'. 

UPDATE!!!: I am grammar fixing this book but it might or will take a while due to my laziness (At least I am honest with you guys/gals)

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haileyolivas503 haileyolivas503 Aug 15, 2017
Im thinking shes badass while everyones talkin about how she got em big titties
KTSairo KTSairo Nov 01, 2017
That looks like an Adorabilis (Yes it exist and that's the actual name cause it's ADORAble
teachtaire teachtaire Oct 17, 2017
I want to be creeped out, but it’s so cute. Those big eyes won me over.
HaruNoBara HaruNoBara Nov 28, 2016
Ye. I am sure how I should feel about it either. It just kinda stares in to my soul