Honeydew (A romantic thriller) #Wattys2016

Honeydew (A romantic thriller) #Wattys2016

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Haneeza iqbal By voracious_writer Updated 2 days ago

#2 (What's hot list) highest ranking so far. Thank you readers :)Alhamdulillah :)

Aleena is a simple and sweet Muslimah who loves life, is highly ambitious and has infinite hopes of making all her wishes come true.

She dreams of meeting her Prince charming someday, and living happily ever after.

Little,does she know that her Prince charming is nothing close to her imagination and life is far from a fairytale.

But,She falls head over heels in love with her husband.Will he reciprocate her feelings ??

Is she ready to face the tragedy that awaits her??Is life as lovely as a fairytale??


This isnt a usual romantic novel.It is a mystery/thriller with a dose of romance and spirituality.Join Aleena to help her solve the missing file mystery.She encounters threats ,secrets, infinite wealth,a strong and unwavering belief with the creator and maybe even love during her quest to solve the jigsaw puzzle ,her life has landed in.

nayeem13 nayeem13 Feb 27
Masha allah dear... beautifully written :) finally ur exploring ur talent :*
I am enjoying so far. The chapter made me remember of my Dad. But I like Aleena's personality. She's quite reserved. And she's still for an early proposal.
Im not even tryna be annoying but i think capitalizing the G in God would be a sign of respect for He is Greater than us. Thanks :) btw its actually a really nice book.
@EA3112 Thank you soooo much and I hope that now its in correct order.
You wrote amazing start. How you described the afternoon was matched the big news coming from Isaac to marry Aleena. A beautiful sunset like how she refuses it that makes Isaac a hurt deep inside. But a promising tomorrow will ever be awaited for the sunrise to come. Beautiful chapter. 💙
EA3112 EA3112 Jun 21
You want might want to move the chapter back to the beginning. Its after chapter 16 right now.