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A Camp To Remember (Furry BoyxBoy)

A Camp To Remember (Furry BoyxBoy)

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The_Schooled_Furry By The_Schooled_Furry Updated Feb 21

16-year-old furry, Raff Windguster, goes to a camp called "Oakwood Furry Camp" to spend a week of his summer there. Lots of wilderness, lakes and rivers, cabins, camp fires, and activities! He loves the place immediately when he arrives! He then meets a 17-year-old furry named Sebastian, tall, handsome, funny, and charming as well! But Raff begins to question if Sebastian is gay or bi and will like Raff.
  Read to find out, please!
  (Sorry for the short info on the story, and BTW, the furries in the title pic are not the main characters, just a picture to show love, I guess)
  Raff is a Wolf and a Mountain Lion mix! His hair is Pink and long and he can put it in a Mohawk, and his Fur is Black, Grey, and White. He also has a piercing on his cheek, eyebrow, and he has a scar over his left eye. (he is also my fursona that is a work in progress and I advise people to not steal my fursona, please! The scar over his left eye symbolizes that I have to get surgery done there!)

NeonPaw21 NeonPaw21 Sep 04, 2016
Wow this is a really good book, can't wait to see what's next
What's funny is that these aren't puns to me. They are actual terms to me ^~^
XavierTaeryn XavierTaeryn May 10, 2016
Yo first off, love the story. Second off, the name of a female fox is a vixen. Just fyi
Great story!!! BTW I hope to run into you at the next convention buddy!!
FurryEmbrace FurryEmbrace Aug 04, 2016
Awesome story. Can't wait to see what chapter two will bring.
XavierTaeryn XavierTaeryn May 12, 2016
Love ya too bro, and I understand the school struggle. Can't wait for the next chapter!