Marvel Imagines

Marvel Imagines

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Emily By spookyzak Updated Jul 25

Phil jerked awake and took a few deep breaths. He looked at door a sighed. He got up from the bed and walked out. "It's late but I need a drink." he said to himself. He walked to the mini bar and grabbed a bottle of beer. 

"Care to explain why you're drinking beer at-" you checked your phone. "3 in the morning?" You asked. 

"(Y/N), when did you get back?" He asked. You stood up from the chair you were sitting and walked to him. 

"Got picked up by May at two. What happened? Another nightmare?" You asked, taking the beer from him. 

"Yeah." He said. You nodded and put the beer away. 

"You know if I wasn't here you could have just called he and I would have talked to you about it." You said. He nodded. 

"I wasn't gonna get drunk it was gonna be just one beer." Phil explained. 

"You say that now but you never know." You said. He smiled a bit. 

"You calling me an alcoholic?" He said. You shook your head. You kissed him 

"No, just looking out for you." You said. He smiled. "Ready to ...