Dance of Fate [1](Supernatural & Vampire Diaries Crossover)

Dance of Fate [1](Supernatural & Vampire Diaries Crossover)

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Wonder Natalie By NatWinchester Completed

Being a hunter is hard. Hunting consumes you, it is your life. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. As a hunter you would do anything to save the mankind, your family, your friends. Natalie Winchester has been to Hell and back sacrifising her soul for another, like her brother did. Now she is back, ready for action. However, more secrets will be revealed and more trouble will come after her and her family, especially from that one little town in Virginia, called Mystic Falls. But this town is not quiet at all. Vampires have returned, good and easy hunt, i'm sure you think, but no. Natalie will have to confront her fears and live with the concequencies of Hell. 

-Check out the sequels "Run a For A Fall", "Angels Fall First", "Chasing The Darkness", "Wind Queen" and "Stormkeeper"-


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Try using a different video for the song because the other was copyrighted 🙂
insane_Kid insane_Kid Aug 20
Sorry but Elena and her isn't brotp
                              Or well maybe if she is nice in this book
BrittPeasley BrittPeasley Jan 16, 2016
How'd you get Natalie from Anastasia? I could understand Anna or Stasie
the_fandom_jumper the_fandom_jumper Aug 31, 2014
I normally breeze past typos but I can't deny that the 'tower' typo is extremely hilarious
llamas_in_impalas llamas_in_impalas Jul 25, 2014
I am the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition
Shaniel247 Shaniel247 Jul 17, 2014
Omg its so great to put my 2 favorite shows together. Waiting for the 10 season of supernatural to come out. Waiting for the 6 or 7 season of vampire diaries. Your book is awesome