Full heart Realise [Akaashi X Reader] - DISCONTINUED

Full heart Realise [Akaashi X Reader] - DISCONTINUED

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♡Akira♡ By AkiraShenpai Updated Jun 09, 2017

-discontinued- due to it being re edited, I advise you all to not comment any spelling mistakes if you see some. You may comment humours and jokes but not calling out ( I get embarrassed when people find the slightest mistake in my story )

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Those were the last words I heard from him before I left but I kept a promise he made to me. "Promise we will see each other again". 5 years had past and I transfer in fukurōdani academy where I begin my so called "love story". Though happiness never last as a problem will always appear but of course you have to fix that situation yourself. I learnt that the hard way but I know the more I spend with him my heart rises.

 What will happen? who will you see? Where would your heart take you? Read and find out!!

Note: I was 13 when I made this so expect some cringy cheesy stuff

нєу ιтѕ иασмι-¢нαи 
hope you enjoy this reader X Akaashi story/fan fiction 
I do not own ANY characters or images in this story I only own the storyline 
i also do not own the music in this book, it is credited to it's rightful owners

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RaneeaRayne RaneeaRayne May 23, 2017
I'd actually wake up 3 in the morning just cause I need to go
jeynebyrnnes jeynebyrnnes Sep 23, 2017
"Houses" i thought readerchan didnt essentially mean like cities or countries so like i kinda deadpanned there for a bit
shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash May 24, 2017
Hold on- early morning? I'm late like 24/7 at school. This is a change.
sarcasticackerman sarcasticackerman May 09, 2017
When you know nothing about Akaashi but he's good looking so you decide he's worthy enough for you to read a fanfic about it
grace5151 grace5151 Jan 22, 2017
What?! LMAO.... Wait.... If I'm laughing my A off.... Would that make it worse..... O.o
grace5151 grace5151 Jan 22, 2017
...NOOOOO! WHY?!?! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!!.... Now he'll be sad......