Hidden Dimples

Hidden Dimples

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Chelle By ChelleAugustine Updated Dec 21, 2017

**Previously titled "The Bad Boy's Smile"**

"Look, I've been nothing but nice to you, at least acknowledge it." I seethed through gritted teeth. 

"Maybe it's best I actually stay away." I added before getting up, ready to leave. 

As I stood up and grabbed my bag, he called over. 


I turned to him. 

"I'll give it a go"he said, I smiled and plopped back down. 

"Okay, so what makes you happy?"

"Nothing. I don't smile."

• • • • •

Celestine Rover has been through some rough patches in life and her mother decided that it was best if they moved. Stepping foot in a new city leads her to meet different people and soon gathered a group of friends. However, she wasn't your average goody-two-shoes.

Celestine always had a rebellious bone in her and loves to bend the rules. Though, pranks were her signature trademark. And this time, she's determined to leave her mark in the city. 

Storm Winter,  he's quiet, he's cold, he's mysterious, he's never cracked a smile. His aura screamed 'bad boy' but no one knows exactly why he's bad. All he wears is a murderous glare on his face. But what is it about him that get's all the girls to drop to their feet? He doesn't like attention, all he wants is to get through the school year and leave. 

Until he got pranked by a certain new girl.

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LolMaster9O1 LolMaster9O1 Aug 20, 2017
Yea, it's just a bucketful of kittens and rainbows.
                              Sense the sarcasm?
DanAndPhilpjoTRASH DanAndPhilpjoTRASH Sep 11, 2017
Yep. Definitely. Sure. Oh what's that? What are you talking about? I'm not ripping my hair off due to the quadratic equation whatever that is.......
                              Don't you just love the sarcasm
goodwitchgonebad goodwitchgonebad Jun 24, 2017
ketch08 ketch08 Jan 23, 2017
No offense, i know you have reasons to edit; however, for us readers, an update would be appreciated more. Dont get me wrong, i also appreciate ur edit 😊
oh_no_you_deant oh_no_you_deant Feb 21, 2017
Wait prefects are actual things
                              Cuz I thought they were just from Harry Potter...
                              I need to get out more