Deadpool (Lemon) [COMPLETED]

Deadpool (Lemon) [COMPLETED]

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QueenLemon By NiceLemons Completed

Has Deadpool been your turn on?

Well get ready for a journey girls...

(Your Name) was an almost ordinary 14 year old who had a healing mutation when her family were killed in front of her and she was taken to be abused and experimented on for the next 4 years. When she is 18 and is about to be killed she is saved just in time by the mutant mercenary Deadpool and they both embark on a long journey to get (Your Name) to safety from the evil doctor Yates. But that's if love doesn't get in the way...

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Nerdy_Geeker Nerdy_Geeker Aug 31, 2016
All i wanted to say was deadpools pansexual  so it doesnt really what gender you are.
cupidcorey cupidcorey Jun 16, 2016
Where has this been all my life omg I'm fangirling like shît right now! Btw, this is really well written x
Maid_Of_Hell Maid_Of_Hell May 03, 2016
"Look away" (me in my head) give him the puppy dog