Trust Only Me (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [DISCONTINUED/COMPLETED]

Trust Only Me (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) [DISCONTINUED/COMPLETED]

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Voltron Trash Af By KeithenHeathen Updated Sep 01

After the events of 'Not What He Seems', Ford coming back to Gravity Falls, and everything seemingly returning to normal, Dipper was the only one with doubts and unhappiness toward the coming future. Mabel had decided to trust their Grunkle Stanley Pines, over her own twin! To be completely honest, the young boy was more or less feeling quite...betrayed. 

And from the shadows, a certain yellow demon was watching Dipper's corruption from the shadows.. Just waiting for the right time to strike. 

(I know this idea has probably been tried and retried, but I wanted to have my own shot at it, I feel like I'm improving at writing dark af stuff from my other two stories XD)

Tartaru00s Tartaru00s Jul 25
I guess the Gravity really does make sure your trust for your twin Falls
mimoo13 mimoo13 Aug 28
Mabel, do you realize how much dipper gives up to make you and other happy? So why can't you do this one thing for him, trust him?! 
                              Does your happiness matter more than his? Can you tell me how many times you have see him smile, a true smile not the mask he bears?
overadventurefalls12 overadventurefalls12 May 11, 2016
Wait. Question. Is this a BillDip fanfiction? What's with the picture?
GasterBlasterSans GasterBlasterSans Jul 27, 2016
For some reason I thought the description said: Bill was watching from the showers 
                              Me: WTF