One & only

One & only

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TalkNerdytome_ By nerdygurlx Completed

Beth is a 18 years old girl. I won't say she is normal. She is not. She is a loner. She has no family or friends. She prefers it alone because she thinks everyone leaves her. 
She is beautiful and gorgeous. She has the perfect body that everyone wishes for. 

Derek is a 18 year old bad boy. He goes to the same college as Beth. Every girl wants him. He is sexy  and has the body of every boys Dream. He has friends and family that love him. He is happy. He  is nothing like Beth. She is always upset and he is always smiling.

What would happen if they meet?? 
What happens when Derek  got dared to talk to Beth?? 
Will they be friends?
Will she be no longer a loner??

Read the book go find out

glitter_xox glitter_xox Mar 07, 2016
Wow this girl is loaded with money. But I feel sorry for her. She has no one left
glitter_xox glitter_xox Mar 07, 2016
I like the idea of the book. It's a great start but the only think it the slang. I mean the way you spell you with u and cause with cuz. It kind of stops people reading. Other than that it's a good start.
QueenOfVirgins QueenOfVirgins Jul 29, 2016
There is someone in the house- it could be a murder and all she thinks about is kissing him
S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR Dec 03, 2016
Well I don't know what happen to paragraphs or maybe the author doesn't know what it is. And that was so straight forward can't they be more specific