Simply A Girl!

Simply A Girl!

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Daddyzgal By Daddyzgal Updated Apr 02, 2014

Ever wished to get back to those days were nothing really mattered?? 
Ever wished to be girl who just want to get back to her childhood days??

Ever wished to be a girl in pink frock? 

Relive your days where u were just you.... "Simply A girl" and not a friend not a best friend just a girl!

FlareKeeper FlareKeeper Jan 24, 2015 goes on am I right? This is really good. Keep up the good work! I would also like to encourage everybody to stay positive and not judge others before knowing them first. <3
Daddyzgal Daddyzgal Sep 05, 2014
@dancing_dragon06 always take out time for yourself and get in that dreamy land
dancing_dragon06 dancing_dragon06 Sep 05, 2014
wish I can live so carefree.. not to worry about anything.. no tension.. only happiness around me