Come Back || Suga BTS

Come Back || Suga BTS

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~ XX ~ By mitsu_xx Completed

An idol meets a girl that composed music about her dark past. 

Will he show her what it means to be happy through music or just leave her in the dark hole she dug herself in? 

This short fanfic will show you even the sweetest love might not be enough to soften a bitter heart.

(Book 2 Published)

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Kysa__ Kysa__ Sep 26, 2017
But I thought you were a rapper...
                              Since when were you a vocal?
                              And please don't sing..
Princess_Jin17 Princess_Jin17 Aug 13, 2017
You think I can do that to my crush..?
                              Me: 'Forever we are Young'...So let's be together forever, it's official we are going out!
                              Crush: Wtf....Creep!
Panda_sos Panda_sos Aug 10, 2017
                              I read your fanfiction and I fell in love with it! It was nice and well written! By the way my friend and I would like to translate it if you give us the permission to do so.
                              I appreciate your quick reply! ^_^
wolfsannin wolfsannin Jul 19, 2017
One of the stages of grief is anger... She pushes the anger at what she perceives as something unfair, onto him; blaming him for whatever goes wrong.
                              No one ever said that grief was logical but when is anything logical?
Same. My mum said when I was younger I looked like a cat... Not sure how that's possible but okay
Jewelvd Jewelvd Aug 21, 2017
Ahh that's pretty interesting that your stories come from your dreams 😊 I wish i could remember mine lol