The Perfect Rejection

The Perfect Rejection

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Blood Wolf By kutekittykat8265 Updated Nov 21, 2017

My eyes lock with his and for a moment, all I can feel is euphoria, then I remember who he is. He is Derek Thayne, the next Alpha of our pack. 

"Mate," I breathe out, and laughter erupts around me, the loudest coming from Derek. His face suddenly turns to stone and he grabs my arm, dragging me into the janitor's closet. 

"I Derek Thayne reject Roxanne Meyers as my mate," he spits and I snarl. 

"I accept your rejection."

**Cover by Paigevigneault3**

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ElectrizGrace ElectrizGrace Aug 08, 2017
Why? I love the taste of blood! 
                              *Awkward silence*
                    's delicious
deliriouslyjoy deliriouslyjoy Sep 25, 2017
I assumed he must be stupid for falling his classes, or she must be very clever to skip a few grades
flabbergasted16 flabbergasted16 Oct 04, 2017
Why would she even contemplate staying?! Although I doubt they would give her permission to transfer packs so she would have to leave as a rogue. And that is dangerous. But still she has to try!
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Jan 03
😡😡😡😡she needs to get out of there before they kill her I hope the book gets better and she meets loving people
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe Jan 03
That girl needs to get out before they kill her.   The pa k is mean
mkeisia mkeisia Dec 02, 2017
*sighs in despair* plz get The chance to maul the fun outta this mudda clucker