Boy Wonder

Boy Wonder

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Ch.2: "Where are you, you little brats?!" Roy's voice roared throughout the Manor. Robin and Kid Flash glanced at each other and grinned. Oh, the Art of Pranking was fun indeed. 

Stories and one-shots. Bromance, friendship, Batfamily, and other little things. 


-Brotherly moments
-Batfamily craziness
-Awkwardness, but that's totally normal
-Reversed ages
-School drama

*Story cover does not belong to me.*
*Also excuse the totally (non)original title.*
*Yeah, I need a new title.*

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keohnas keohnas Aug 02
                              Roy: o lawrd no.
                              Wally: stupid TV show.
                              Sadi: you take that back!
keohnas keohnas Aug 02
*sighs* Dick Greyson.........
                              I have officially accepted the fangirl part of my brain. @PercysSiblingLilith
*singing head off* 
                              IT'S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE
                              IT'S TOO LATE
- - Apr 04
I'm just going to picture with long wavy curly hair instead of them spikes
Just see Robin in the corner shadows silently laughing his head off
keohnas keohnas Aug 02
Ezra: You have learned well my young apprentice.
                              Robin: :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)