Fighter ❁ G.D

Fighter ❁ G.D

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-Pauline ❁ By dolanxlyfe Updated Sep 15, 2016

May Anderson, a student from Florida, moves to Long Valley, New Jersey.
May, the perfect student. Rude, has manners and intimidating all at once.
She lives with her Auntie, Mira.
When she gets to West Morris, she meets a boy named Grayson Dolan. 

Grayson Dolan, a fighter. One day he meets the new kid, 'May'.
He's a fighter, a fighter from the undergrounds.
He fights illegally but has 2 championships to his name.
He has a dark past that he's escaping from.

What happens if May finds out? Will she help him? Or will she turn him down?

Find Out In, Fighter ❁ G.B.D

GrethanMarmalade GrethanMarmalade Oct 24, 2016
Barbara Palvin AND Cameron Dolan. This is just a slayfest people
GrethanMarmalade GrethanMarmalade Oct 24, 2016
i'm 5'7 but I do gymnastics...weird but I appear shorter than I am. I also do dance
camron04 camron04 Jun 26, 2016
Planned for us sorry I can't text correctly right now but yeah your amazing
AnnMarie0803 AnnMarie0803 Sep 04, 2016
Taller than me. But then again everyone's taller than me. I'm 5'2
goodnightdolan goodnightdolan Jul 28, 2016
What about the everything bagel? 😂😂ok sorry I'll stop 😅
elizadotel elizadotel Aug 31, 2016
Awwww should have been 1738 😂😂😂 
                              (Ik I'm awkward 😁😅)