My opinion on Wings Of Fire ships!

My opinion on Wings Of Fire ships!

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Ash By Copperhead857 Updated Apr 07

I'll be looking at the best of the best and the worst of the worst ships!

Book cover is NOT my art!

Warning: outdated!!!!

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Stary73 Stary73 Mar 11
YESSSSSSS!!!! I murdered them, so does that exclude me from the ship club?
Yes. It's second best ship in my opinion (after Glorybringer)
dreamer10112 dreamer10112 Oct 20, 2017
It makes sense that starflight likes sunny but as per the book sunny is better with clay though starflight and sunny isn't too bad and makes sense
My most favourite WoF ship ever!!!!!!! My main OC is their daughter
DestinyRoseAspenfall DestinyRoseAspenfall Dec 12, 2017
It's called Glorybringer. Which would be a nice NightWing name actually.
medievalmaide715 medievalmaide715 Aug 21, 2017
Yes, I'm for Sunnyflight. It stinks that Sunny doesn't see it though.