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My opinion on Wings Of Fire ships!

My opinion on Wings Of Fire ships!

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Scorpion By Kestrel857 Updated 13 hours ago

I'll be looking at the best of the best and the worst of the worst ships!

BlackIceWOF BlackIceWOF Aug 10, 2016
I think everyone likes Glorybringer, I mean pshhhhh, who doesn't, am I right?
Yrre-Dragon Yrre-Dragon Aug 27, 2016
i wish fatespeaker never met starflight in my opinion. Its just like k u know how uve been friends with sunny ur whole life weellllll this dragon uve met for only one book is suddenly attracted to u and sunny doesnt like you. Me: wtf tui t. sutherland
I don't like this ship. It feels odd because they were literally born together. They are much more like siblings than a relationship. I feel this way about all of the Dragonet's of DestinyXDragonet's of Destiny
survivordogs123 survivordogs123 Aug 22, 2016
I kind of like it better than Starflight and Fatespeaker,but I just can't see Sunny with Starflight. Sorry Sunny. :''''''''(
WoFFnaFFangirl28 WoFFnaFFangirl28 Nov 06, 2016
Sorry to all you Sunnyflight shippers but I'm pretty sure it isn't gonna become canon cause Sunny said she loves Starflight like a brother and always will,plus in Moons vision of J.M she sees Starflight has a full Nightwing dragonet
I believe this is one of the best WoF ships ever. It's developed and strong, and they work very well together. Hell, I even wrote a shipfic about it! #shamlessplug