Kissed by the baddest bidder (Kaisoo fanfic) COMPLETED

Kissed by the baddest bidder (Kaisoo fanfic) COMPLETED

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"What do you mean I was bought in an auction?" 

"I bought you, you belong to me now"

Kyungsoo bought in an auction? Who bought him? and what will they do to him?....Kyungsoo was a rich boy and in a flash something bad happened and he was one of the items for a illegal auction only the well known famous people go to, these auctions where a secret no one can know about them. Kyungsoo stayed with the bidders who bought him, one of the most handsome, famous bidders out there who have secret life's hidden from there fans, the bidders who Bought Kyungsoo fall Inlove with Him and try to win his heart who will he go for?

*WARNING* this fanfic has LOTS of sexual contact/smut if that's not your thing then I suggest you don't read at all

*WARNING* mainly for 17 and up

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tall guy? which one they are all tall compared to kyungsoo not baek tho baek is short
xXbObByIsMiNeXx xXbObByIsMiNeXx Jun 13, 2017
I see what you did with the title otaku games are the best😍😍😂😂😂
kpopaddict3789 kpopaddict3789 Oct 10, 2017
*awkward* haha I can just picture Jongin’s face when Kyungsoo says “actually no I haven’t”
Aweee lay baby don’t treat him bad please your the only one with common since💕💕
eLilacxBrowno889 eLilacxBrowno889 Oct 31, 2016
Me after reading description: please be in English, please be in English!
sanju-desu sanju-desu Feb 22, 2017
I saw #chansoo first before the #kaisoo tag. So is this a chansoo or a kaisoo fic? Becoz honestly, im a hardcore kaisoo trash. I never like chansoo, it breaks my heart.. I always end up crying..